Idioms and Phrases meaning in Nepali

Idioms and phrases are essential to section officer- lok sewa preparation. We collect some idioms and phrases and their meaning with example and translate it to Nepali.

List of Idioms and Phrases meaning in Nepali

  1. Give in
    To agree to do something that you don’t want to
    do/कसैकाे कुरा मान्नु, अादेश पालना गर्नु, झुक्नु,
  2. Wide off the mark
    Irrelevant/Not accurate/Inadequate/ वास्तविकता बाट टाढा
  3. Out of the world
  4. Sweep under the carpet
    To hide something/केहि कुरा लुकाउनु
  5. By leaps and bound
    Very rapidly/ धेरै छिटाे छिटाे
  6. To toe the line
    To follow the lead/To follow boss’s orders/अादेशकाे पालना गर्नु
  7. Stick to guns
    Maintain opinion/ अाफुले उठाएकाे मुद्दामा अडिग रहनु
  8. Take hat off
    Encourage/To admire somebody very much for
    something he has done/प्राेत्साहन गर्नु
  9. Null and void
    Empty/ खालि वा शुन्य
  10. Break the ice
    Initiate a talk/ कुनै विषयवस्तुकाे सुरूवात गर्नु जुन हुन सकिरहेकाे थिएन
  11. Keep the wolf from the door
    Avoid starvation/ जेनतेन गुजारा गर्नु
  12. Fish in troubled water
    To make a profit out of troubled situation/ प्रतिकुल अवस्था काे फाइदा उठाउनु
  13. Look into
    To investigate/ छानविन गर्नु
  14. Smell the rat
    Suspect that something is fishy/ कुनै कुरा वा विषयवस्तु लुकाइएकाे अाभास हुनु
  15. Let the grass grow under the feet
    Delay in getting things done/ ढिलासुस्ति गर्नु
  16. Apple of discord
    Cause of animosity/
  17. A fish out of water
    In uncomfortable situations/ प्रतिकुल परिस्थितिकाे सामना गर्नु
  18. In the long run
    Over a period of time/ अन्ततः, अाखिरिमा
  19. Jumping down one’s throat
    To react very angrily to somebody/ काेहि विरूद्ध अत्याधिक रिस देखाउनु
  20. Out of wits
    Greatly confused/ दाेधारमाे अवस्थामा हुनु
  21. Call spade a spade
    To speak in a straightforward manner
    (Frankly)/ सिधा सिधा वताउनु
  22. Face the music
    Accept the punishment/ गल्तिकाे सजाय भाेग्नु
  23. To play second fiddle
    Take a subordinate role/ दाेश्राे दर्जामा रहेर सहयाेग गर्नु अथवा निर्णायक भुमिका निभाउनु
  24. Casting pearl before swine
    Offering good things to underserving people/ महत्व नबुझ्न्ने व्यत्तिलाइ कुनै कुरा दिनु वा भन्नु अथवा यस्तै कुनै काम गर्नु जस्काे खास अर्थ छैन
  25. Putting the cart before the horse
    Doing things in the wrong way/ कुनै काम गलत तरिकाले गर्नु, ढंग नपुर्याउनु
  26. Not fit to hold candle
    Not so good as somebody or something
    else/ कुनै निस्चित कामका लागि लायक नहुनु
  27. Egg someone on
    To encourage somebody to do something/ उत्तेजित पार्नु, अाग्रह गर्नु, उक्साउनु
  28. For good
    Permanently/सधै भरिका लागि
  29. Achilles’ heel
    Weak spot/ कमजाेर विन्दु
  30. Take a leap in the dark
    To take risk/जाेखिम लिनु, जाेखिम उठाउनु
  31. Cut the Gordian knot
    Remove difficulty/To solve problem/मुश्किल बाट मुत्त हुनु
  32. Blow one’s own trumpet
    Self & boasting/अाफ्नै प्रशंसा अाफै गर्नु
  33. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth
    An easy achievement/सजिलाे विजय
  34. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth
    Not to find fault with the gift received/उपहारमा कुनै किसिमकाे त्रुटि नखाेज्नु
  35. Born with a silver spoon Born in a rich
    family/धनि परिवारमा जन्म लिएकाे व्यत्ति

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