English Language Competence Test

Public Service Commissions sub divide its course of study as English Language Competence Test at English Test of First paper of Section officer examinations.

English Language Competence Test

English Language Competence Test 20 × 1 = 20 Marks

Comprehension: 5 × 1= 5 Marks

  • Questions will be asked based on the passage given. The questions will try to accommodate the
    following areas:
    • Fact finding, Inferential, Core theme, True/false identification, Issues raised and
      Language based

Vocabulary: 7 × 1 = 7 Marks

  • Questions will be asked to assess their grasp on the English language vocabulary. The
    questions will be of the following nature:
    • Meaning of the words (literal /figurative/contextual), Single word for expressions,
      Synonyms/antonyms, Derivatives and Homonyms/homophones

Syntactic ability: 8 × 1 = 8 Marks

  • Questions will be asked to assess the syntactic ability of the candidates. The questions will be
    based on the following categories:
    • Agreement, Tense aspect, Parallel structures, Clauses, Modifier, Conditionals, Phrasal
      expressions, Shifts (tense, number, person), Transformations, Varieties, Prepositions /
      conjunctions and Parts of speech

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